Building WordPress websites with a taste of OO? Infinum’s WP-boilerplate v.2.0

The Infinum’s WordPress boilerplate is an easy way to kick-start your WordPress development using modern programming practices.

WP-boilerplate exploits all the advantages of best PHP practices, which is why we used namespacing to ensure avoiding any possible class, method and function clashes in the global namespace.

It also implemented the autoloader which means you no longer need to manually require your classes. Just instantiate them and the autoloader will take care of the rest. With the added performance boost.

WP-boilerplate also used Webpack to bundle all the assets (images, JavaScript, fonts and Sass files). This will introduce you to the concepts of modern JavaScript development. Besides all the advantages that Webpack offers (Browsersync plugin that makes cross-device development super easy), it enables you to use all the interesting ES6 features (arrow functions, classes, exports etc.).

There are other added bonuses that you can explore by reading the readme of the project.

Learn how to use Infinum’s WP-Boilerplate for your new projects.

Learn how to integrate Infinum’s WP-Boilerplate into your existing projects.