Building WordPress websites with a taste of OO? Infinum’s WP-boilerplate v.2.0

The Infinum’s WordPress boilerplate is an easy way to kick-start your WordPress development using modern programming practices.

WP-boilerplate exploits all the advantages of best PHP practices, which is why we used namespacing to ensure avoiding any possible class, method and function clashes in the global namespace.

It also implemented the autoloader which means you no longer need to manually require your classes. Just instantiate them and the autoloader will take care of the rest. With the added performance boost.

WP-boilerplate also used Webpack to bundle all the assets (images, JavaScript, fonts and Sass files). This will introduce you to the concepts of modern JavaScript development. Besides all the advantages that Webpack offers (Browsersync plugin that makes cross-device development super easy), it enables you to use all the interesting ES6 features (arrow functions, classes, exports etc.).

There are other added bonuses that you can explore by reading the readme of the project.

Learn how to use Infinum’s WP-Boilerplate for your new projects.

Learn how to integrate Infinum’s WP-Boilerplate into your existing projects.

The importance of setting up proper JS and CSS minification

What is the importance of setting up proper JS and CSS minification?

What is a minification? Minification actually means removing all the unnecessary parts from your code in order to reduce bandwidth and load your site faster. Also, minification is usually related to combining larger number of similar documents into one which results in reducing a number of requests.

Minifying your code removes:

  • Comments
  • New line characters
  • White space characters
  • Block delimiters

There are large number of plugins for JS and CSS minification, and large number of blog posts that explain various techniques to do this.

On the other hand, there are no actual stats on real web sites to show positive effects of proper minification.

We decided to do a small experiment, on our web site, and this post is simply presenting the actual results.

Note: It’s important to understand that there is no substitute for proper maintenance of your web site.

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How to optimize WordPress database when using WPML multilanguage plugin

When e-commerce services are considered, things with database size and web site speed tend to get very complicated. Large number of products, revisions of products, multiple number of images, comments etc., are only some of the elements that influence web site speed and database optimization. Introducing multi-language mechanism as additional feature to e-commerce service (or online shop if you prefer better) creates  additional layer of complexity to be handled.

This additional layer of complexity is the reason why most of a web site owners spend large amounts of time, countless efforts and think about various ideas to cope with optimizations. Let’s take, as an example, WordPress based web site, with WooCommerce shop, with 100+ products, several payment gateways and multi-language mechanism implemented with one of popular multi-language plugins, such as WPML.

WPML support forums are full of various questions on how to optimize WPML database size. It’s important to understand that WPML is premium and reliable product, but IT IS additional layer to already existing web site, so the quality of site alone will of course influence behavior of this (or any other) plugin.

However, there are things web site owners and developers CAN DO to optimize database and to make their web sites run faster with WordPress + WPML + (probably) WooCommerce + various additional plugins. In order to separate concerns better we can divide optimizations to two sections:

  • Database optimizations related directly to WPML plugin
  • General WordPress database optimizations (that can be applied even if WPML or WooCommerce is not present)

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5 ways to drive more traffic to your WordPress web site with the help of Facebook

  Facebook is the supreme social network so it can help you a lot when it comes to boosting your WordPress site. No matter how good your articles could be, if you don`t have an audience, they will go unnoticed.

We can help you with that, if you stay on this page and read our 5 best methods for driving traffic to your web site using Facebook.

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Boosting your WordPress visits with Twitter

Have you ever wondered how some people got all those engagements on their web sites, blogs, etc.? I bet you see all those bloggers becoming super successful in gathering audience for their work, but you simply don`t know where to start. We have some cool ideas for you.

One of the most popular ways for boosting your WordPress web sites on social media is Twitter. Of course, now you think how it is pretty impossible for you to find your place on that platform, but if you have good content, only sky is the limit. These few tips we have for you proved to be very efficient for us, so now it`s all up to you 🙂 Read More

The right way of maintaining and promoting WordPress web sites

Creating sites and pages using the WordPress platform became pretty simple and direct task. A great number of available themes, both free and premium plug-ins, parts of code, tutorials and experts who can program WordPress platform, make the job easier for site owners. However, when WordPress site is created, only then starts the life cycle of that site, which has to work fastly and reliably to provide quality services to their ultimate customers, and to accomplish desired goals (gathering customers, increasing the list of users, promotion or product sales).

It`s necessary to separate two things:

  • Creating a WordPress page
  • Maintenance of a WordPress page

Equally, negligence of the correct way to maintain WordPress page has a series of unwanted consequences:

  1. Increased time of loading web pages
  2. Decline in quality of customer`s experience
  3. Decline in position (or complete removal) on internet search engines
  4. Reduced security
  5. Incremental expenses or complete inability to create next versions of the site (new functionalities).

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How to remove specific Posts and Pages from WordPress Search

Search mechanism and search results are very important part of every WordPress web site.

Usually, WordPress web sites have lots of “helper” pages that provide important functionalities, but they shouldn’t be included in search itself.

There are various of plugins that helps us accomplish this, but it’s not always a good solution to use new plugin for every small task, because our Web site can end up with tons of plugins, lots of updates etc.

Instead of installing a plugin, there is a small code snippet, that can help us exclude specific pages from WordPress search mechanism.

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6.7 Reasons why you want to learn WordPress Database Model

Large number of free and premium WordPress plugins simply change values in already existing WP database. Learn about WP #database now.

Did you know that everything inside WordPress is actually a post? So, if you create Post, Page, Attachment, Revision, Custom CSS, Changesets… everythig is stored inside “wp_posts” database, only with different post_type value.

Also, all your users are stored inside “wp_users” database, and all addtional data about these users (profile fields for example), are stored inside “wp_usermeta” table.

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